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On my website you will find a summary about me, my paintings and photography and details about how to contact me should you have any queries. It also shows many of my recent paintings and a few examples of my wildlife photographs. Most of the paintings are available for purchase, either as originals or prints. I hope you enjoy browsing.


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A little bit about me

I am self-taught as an artist and have always painted for enjoyment. This is a deep- rooted interest combined with my lifelong passion for wildlife, birds in particular. Ever since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush properly I have painted birds. I certainly recall some of my efforts as an 8 year old. I have maintained this interest and now spend much of my time either painting or collecting ideas and material. Hopefully the standard shows an improvement since my early years.

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Bird Photographs

My chosen career path was also closely aligned to wildlife. I grew up in Yorkshire where my interest in natural history was nurtured by my family and friends. I developed this further by completing an honours degree in Zoology at Durham University. This led me into several years of research work on wading birds, both wintering studies on Scottish estuaries and breeding surveys in Caithness and Sutherland.

My work in northern Scotland created a strong bond with this part of the world and I have been lucky enough to live in Sutherland for the past 26 years working in the field of wildlife and countryside conservation for Scottish Natural Heritage. In 2014 I took early retirement to concentrate on painting, photography and travel.

Throughout this time I have continued to paint birds. I have exhibited in local exhibitions and in 2015 staged my first one-man exhibition. I hope to develop this aspect further.

My Approach to Painting

My approach has always been to capture the general characteristics of the subject, together with a suggestion of its habitat. To do this I spend long periods watching birds at close range. I do not sketch in the field but find taking photographs of both the birds and settings helps me to work up details indoors later. My favoured medium is watercolour, supplemented with gouache.

My interest in wildlife photography has mirrored that for painting. I was given my first camera on my 10th birthday and the first photograph I took was of whooper swans. Ever since then I have followed the evolution of camera equipment and now use the latest pro-spec digital equipment. However the subject matter has not changed.

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